Monochromator podwójny CM112 1/8 m

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The CM112 is two single monochromators in series.

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    Zapytaj o produkt: Monochromator podwójny CM112 1/8 m

    • Compact size - Only 5-1/4"x6-1/4"x3-1/4"
    • Connects to any computer via RS232.
    • Scans in both directions. Programmable in angstroms, nanometers, microns, wavenumbers, or eV.
    • Dual double-grating turrets with automatic grating change allows for broad spectral range coverage.
    • Subtractive dispersion mode minimizes image distortion and pulse spread, with sub-picosecond residual broadening versus nanosecond pulse broadening of regular monochromators.
    • Additive mode gives increased dispersion and low stray light for Raman and fluorescence studies.
    • May be configured as a monochromator or a spectrograph.
    • Monochromator may be factory configured for right angle or straight through beam path.



    Double cascaded Czerny-Turner, double-grating turrets standard in each section

     Focal Length:

    110mm each section


     3.9 overall

     Beam Path:

    Straight through standard, right angle provided on request.

    Wavelength Drive:

    Dual worm and wheel with electronic synchronization and computer control. Programable in additive or subtractive dispersion with positive or negative grating orders.

    Wavelength Precision:

     0.1nm (additive) 0.2nm (subtractive)

    Wavelength Accuracy:

    ± 0.3nm (additive)    ± 0.6nm (subtractive)

    Max Resolution:

    <0.5nm (additive)    <1nm (subtractive)

    Band Pass: ​

    ​ 0.25nm (additive)    0.50nm (subtractive), w/standard slits

     Slewing Speed:

    ​ >100nm/second

    Stray Light:

    ​ <10-9


    Standard Set includes; 0.125mm, 0.15mm, 0.30mm, 
    0.6mm, 1.2mm and 2.4mm x 4.0mm. For other sizes, consult SP.


    Two or four gratings (30 x 30mm) must be purchased. 
    See CM grating options page


    UL listed 110/220V power pack


    ​RS232 standard


     One year


    •  Hand-held control module with function keys and display for local control
    • IEEE-488 interface
    • Interface cables
    • Gold optics