MultiView 2000

Zaawansowany mikroskop skanujący wykorzystujący jedną sondę w trybie AFM/NSOM/STM/AFM Raman + TERS. Dostępne integracje systemu MV2000 można sprawdzić tutaj.

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    Designed for Ease-of-Use and Flexibility

    Dual sample and tip scanning stages in the same head for ultimate flexibility is coupled with an optically friendly Nanonics 3D Flat ScanTM stage providing up to 85μ in X, Y and Z or 170μ in X, Y and Z using combined scanners. This scanner is also suitable for large samples with unconventional geometries.  Closed loop is an option for positioning accuracy of 20nm.

    Additionally, a revolutionary, alignment-free feedback system provides the most sensitive tip-sample stability.  Normal force feedback with tuning fork actuation provides no alignment, laser-free operation for improved optical signal to noise ratio, and ultra-sensitive force spectroscopy perfect for force and adhesion measurements.

    Read more for more information and details about tuning fork feedback


    Largest Commercially Available Z Range 

    The large, 85μ X, Y and Z-range of the Nanonics 3D FlatscanTM makes it ideal for optical sectioning in confocal imaging. Used in this way, the MultiView 2000TM integrates conventional far-field imaging, confocal microscopy, AFM, and near-field optics in a single system 


    Excellent SPM platform compatible with wide variety of probes

    Nanonics provides a wide variety of probes that are compatible with the MultiView 2000TM, including: transparent, cantilevered probes, thermal probes, electrical probes (electrochemical probes, coax probes, glass insulated wire probes) and all third party silicon probes


     Any Optical Configuration

    The unique geometry of the MultiView 2000TM head and cantilever probes leaves the optical axis free both above and below the sample for integration with upright, inverted, and dual optical microscope configurations.


     Irregular Sample Size Compatibility

    Irregular sample sizes, whether odd in shape or large in size, can be easily placed on the sample stage.

    The sample can even be suspended from the unobstructed flat scanning sample stage in order to examine the edges of the sample.

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