Spektrometr SM303 TE Cooled Back-Thinned CCD

Spectral Products

Spectral Products is offering the new SM303 TE cooled back-thinned 1024 pixel array CCD spectrometer.

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    Zapytaj o produkt: Spektrometr SM303 TE Cooled Back-Thinned CCD

    • NEW Lower Pricing!!!
    • Scientific-grade high performance
    • Extremely low dark noise and stray light
    • Wide dynamic range and high signal to noise ratio
    • High Ultra-violet Quantum efficiency
    • Flexible optical input direct to slit or via fiber
    • Designed from the ground up for a wide range of applications
    • High speed data acquisition
    • Standard design allows up to 200-1050nm range
    • New upgrades with auto shutter for dark condition



    Hamamatsu S7031-1006 back-thinned CCD

    • Number of Pixels: 1024 X 58
    • Sensing Pixel Size: 24µm x 24µm
    • Pixel well depth: 300Ke- (Vertical) 600 Ke- (Horizontal)
    • Quantum efficiency: >90% @650nm, 65% @250nm
    • Sensitivity: ~0.065 counts/e-
    • Cooling: One-stage TE-Cooled (-10°C)

    Spectrograph f#


    Dark Noise RMS

    ​<2 RMS counts in 16bit @35msec integration time

    Signal to Noise Ratio

    ​>1000: 1

    Fiber Coupler

    ​SMA905 or FC standard

    Effective Spectral Range

    200 to 1050nm

    Order Sorting Filter

    Longpass filter or linear variable filter installed per wavelength coverage

    Spectral Resolution

    ​0.15 to 10nm depending on the slit and grating choices

    Stray Light

    ​<0.01% at 632nm (<0.05% Ave)

    Computer interface

    ​USB 1.1/2.0 16 bit (0-65535), support up to 8 multi-channel configuration

    Minimum integration time


    Trigger Mode

    Free Run Mode
    Software Trigger Mode
    External trigger mode (9-pin connector)
    : TTL Edge trigger input/digital output for monitoring

    Dimensions (inches)

    9.13 H X 5.12 W X 3.56 D


    ​7 lbs.


    ​SM32Pro (free with spectrometer)
    Includes DLL libraries and SDKs for easy custom application development