Spektrometr SM540 CCD wysokiej rozdzielczości

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The SM540 is a CCD based spectrometer that offers more than double the resolution of the SM440.

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    Zapytaj o produkt: Spektrometr SM540 CCD wysokiej rozdzielczości

    • Optical input direct to slit or via fiber
    • Allows higher resolution spectral measurements in up to a 700nm measurement window between 200nm and 1050nm - double the resolution of the SM200 and SM240
    • USB 2.0 interface with 16-bit dynamic range available
    • Support up to 8 USB multi-channel configuration
    • UV enhancing coating



    ​Toshiba TCD1304

    • Number of Pixels: 3648
    • Sensing Pixel Size: 8µm x 200µm
    • Sensitivity: 160 V/(lx s) under daylight fluoresecent illumination

    Computer interface

    • USB 1.1/2.0 16 bit 500KHz (support up to 8 multi-channel configuration)
    • PCI bus NI-PCI 16 bit 250 KHz

    Temperature Induced Shift

    ​0.01 nm /°C

    Spectrograph f#


    Slit Options

    ​5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 400µm

    Effective Spectral Range

    200 to 1050nm

    Order Sorting Filter

    Longpass filter or linear variable filter installed per wavelength coverage

    Spectral Resolution

    0.15 to 10nm depending on the slit and grating choices

    Stray Light

    <0.05% @ 632nm (<0.1% overall)

    ​Dimensions (inches)

    ​7.0 H X 6.75 W X 3.0 D


    4.0 lbs.


    ​SM32Pro (free with spectrometer)
    Includes DLL libraries and SDKs for easy custom application development