ASB-XE-175 Ksenonowe źródło światła

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The ASB-XE-175 is a compact and light weight high intensity fiber optic light source.

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    Zapytaj o produkt: ASB-XE-175 Ksenonowe źródło światła

    • Provides optimum illumination to fiber optics for remote applications
    • High intensity (5600° K) Xenon output
    • Contains CERMAX® high intensity xenon lamp



    Type: CERMAX® LX175F
    Power: 200 Watts (maximum)
    Power Range: 150-200 W
    Color Temperature: 5600°K
    Current: 14 amps DC (nominal)
    Average Life: Typically 1000 hours (500 hours minimum)
    Voltage: 12-17V (14V nominal)
    Trigger Voltage: 25 Kilovolts
    Boost Voltage: 140-200 Volts
    Current Leakage: < 300mA

    • ASB-XE-175-EX: UV extended, 200nm ~ 2200nm (dominant, 250nm ~ 1100nm)
    • ASB-XE-175-BF: Ozone blocking, 320nm ~ 700nm
    • ASB-XE-175-BFEX: NIR extended, Ozone blocking, 320nm ~ 2200nm (dominant, 320nm ~ 1100nm)


    7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg)

    Input Line:

    ​95-136 VAC, 50/60 Hz (only)

    Input Current:

    3.5 amp.


    ​Operating: +6 to +45°C
    Storage: -40 to +70°C

    Front Panel:

    Brightness Control (0-100%)
    Output Aperture

    Side Panel:

    Main Power (On/Off)
    Line Cord Jack (IEC 320)
    (US to IEC Line Cord included)
    Fuse Holder - MDL-5


    Damage to glass or fused silica fiber optic lightguides can occur due to high temperatures associated with Xenon lamps. Use our liquid light guides (order separately).