ASC-DC źródło kalibracyjne przenośne

Spectral Products

The atomic emission of the ASC Series lamps consists of discrete spectral lines of defined wavelength, spectral width, and relative intensity.

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    Zapytaj o produkt: ASC-DC źródło kalibracyjne przenośne

    • Argon enhanced Mercury portable calibration lamp
    • Highly repeatable wavelength, line width, and intensity calibration standard
    • Easily mounts to SP monochromaters and spectrographs
    • Couples to SP AF Series coupler for fiber optic output
    • Convenient rechargeable Battery with AC adapter for use in the field



    Atomic emission lamps with
    double bore fused silica tubing


    Black anodized Aluminum


    4.125" x 1.25" x 0.875" (HxWxD)

    AC Power:

    Wall transformer, 120 VAC, 
    50/60 Hz to 9 VDC


    9 V (rechargeable)

    Battery Life:

    ​25-45 minutes On-time


    ​AF Series fiber optic couplers