Spektrometr dalekiej podczerwieni (THz)

The SPS-300/SPS-400 is Sciencetech’s latest modular polarizing Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS), designed specifically to operate in the far infrared or THz spectral region (operating at wavelengths from 5μm to 5000μm, 0.06 to 60 THz or 2cm-1 to 2000cm-1).

Standard FTS and FTIR systems are based on the Michelson configuration; however, the SPS-300/SPS-400 can also function using the Martin-Puplett configuration, which provides polarization division for a significantly wider band pass when measuring normal transmissions, and has improved signal to noise for circular and linear dichroism measurements.

The modularity of the SPS-300/SPS-400 allows a higher degree of versatility when compared to other similar systems. Our internal source, external input and dual output ports enable the user to configure the SPS-300/SPS-400 as a far-infrared/THz light source spectral analyzer (by attaching an external bolometer detector) or as a materials transmission and reflectance spectrometer (with an external light source, a sample chamber and detector).

The SPS-300/SPS-400 also comes with both a 125mm wire grid polarizing beam splitter and a Mylar beam splitter. The grid polarizer beam splitter allows the user to operate in polarizing Martin-Puplett mode, covering a wider range than the standard Michelson mode which uses the Mylar beam splitter.

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