Testy ogniw słonecznych – system pomiaru wydajności kwantowej (PTS-2-QE)

Sciencetech Pv Solar Cell Testing – Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (PTS-2-QE) allows for SR, QE and IV measurements with user friendly software.

The system includes a main xenon arc lamp, monochromator with automated order sorting filters, a steady-state solar simulator Class AAA bias light source, IV tester, reference detector, measurement electronics, computer, and all software required to measure solar cell characteristics. The PTS-2-QE system provides users with a light tight sample chamber for all measurements. There is also an optional upgrade for IQE measurements. Shielded and light tight test area enclosure has convenient removable cover allowing access from top, front and sides.

Przegląd modeli jest dostępny tutaj.

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